Education Programme

Youth Horizons is acutely aware of the need for our participants to receive the care and attention they need to complete their formal education. With this in mind we have a fluid, evolving academic programme based on the individual learning style of each of our participants.We educate in small groups with an emphasis on mutual respect and when necessary, remediation. The learning environment is relaxed and friendly, and through the dedication of our staff and the desire to succeed on the part of our participants, we are pleased that we can implement a full Leaving Certificate Programme.

Course content for Leaving Certificate includes the following subjects:

Art & Art History
Link Modules

Health and Wellness Programme

Since 1988 Youth Horizons has been dedicated to the provision of a holistic education programme. With this in mind we offer the following:

1. Life and Wellness Programme
2. Counselling
3. Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Within this programme our participants are introduced to number of skills that they will need as they progress from Youth Horizons. These are essential skills that will complement their academic education and include:

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Within this course the participants get an in-depth knowledge of what drug and alcohol addiction can lead to. As part of this we aim to have guest speakers ranging from health professionals to those that have experienced the trauma of addiction.

Physical and Mental Health

As we are all aware a healthy mind and a healthy body are essential to success. As part of the health and well-being programme we actively try to educate our participants on the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although some of this is covered by the Nutrition and Healthy Eating courses we also include here the need for a healthy routine. We would encourage our participants to be aware of the factors in their lives that may lead to them being unwell and address them. We also endeavour to provide whatever assistance we can within Youth Horizons to support them in maintaining this lifestyle.


As in most communities in modern Ireland mental health is an increasing issue. As part of our programme we offer ongoing support to our students and we endeavour to provide all participants with a facility whereby they can avail of one to one counselling.